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The vikings have landed. At least one

August 16, 2011

At long last, a working stove back on in the almost kitchen.

Last week saw several milestones completed to the almost kitchen.

Tiles went down,
lights went up,
paint went on.

All before end of work week Friday.  This set the stage for the weekend of cabinets which had been assembled and waiting patiently in our now filled to capacity garage.  In they went.  All weekend long.  Very detailed work and a flew design issues resolved we now have the layout we have been working towards for several months.  Suprisingly easy, if you do it ikea’s way.  Leveling and attaching together took some finese, and some modifications with a grinder.

The main beam holding up the second floor, also created a challenge as the pantry needed to be lowered and the adjoining fridge cabinet will be modified accordingly.  Add it to to the list as the  counter company coming in 2 days to measure for counter tops, so I am busy attaching and finalizing island, bar and counters.  Then back to….

–  Inner cabinet hardware
–  Trim and baseboards
–  2 more electrical outlets
–  Wine fridge install
–  Cabinet facing
–  Building drawers
–  Attaching doors
–  floor transition order
– Custom island order

After  the cabinets on Saturday, Sink and faucets plumbed in, dishwasher connected, range placed for connection early Monday morning.  Fridge which has spent the last 3 months in the dinning room slid into place.

Deep breath, we are back up and running after a few months of BBQ and take out, last night saw the prep of past and meatballs for the boys on the new range.  It was a treat.  BOY was it a treat!  Note on take out.  Not allot of healthy options out there.  I am amazed what we put into our mouths for the sake of the reno.

When people ask “You are doing it yourself!????  Simple for me,  savings meant splurges on the gadgets.  Big ticket items complimenting the ikea cabinets.  Drywall installed by us, grunt work prep done by yours truly.  Subfloor and 2000 screws prepped for the tile pro’s, HVAC and gas contractors and counters are final and next.

Sure, it takes more time as we all have day jobs, but we now see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is shinny, new, heavy, silver and black, and an neat little indigo blue digital display.

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  1. September 16, 2011 12:48 pm

    I want your stove, I covet it.

    • djdc111 permalink*
      September 17, 2011 7:30 pm

      It is the Bomb!!!!! Could wait no more it became a must have.

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