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The importance of a good line

August 23, 2011

This week’s lesson in design – pay attention to the fine line. (thanks to our teacher, designer Irene)

The lights were in, the walls were painted. The tile was done. It’s time to put in the cabinets!

Our design called for five tall pantry cupboards, side-by-side. The trouble is, when we put the legs on these babies, they hit the remaining part of the beam.

No problem, offered the cheerful woman at IKEA, you can cut the legs to make the cabinets shorter, so that they will fit under the beam.

DIY is never easy.

Trying to ‘customize’ our IKEA cabinets, we cut the legs.

But this lowered the line of the upper brown cabinets, and make the lines all messed up by the fridge. Here’s a close up:

The blue is a protective coating.

Well, I said, I don’t think anyone will notice. It’s not that big a deal. Really. So the cabinet on top of the fridge is higher… no biggie.

D’Arcy wasn’t so sure. So we sent our designer, Irene Langlois pics of the situation.

She gave us two options:

1. Get a shorter fridge (not going to happen – this fridge is only two years old!)

2. Notch out the far right cabinet to fit around the beam. (We didn’t really like this option either.)

“The line across the fridge is extremely important,” Irene said.

Crap.  We poured a glass of wine, and stared at the cabinets, trying to figure it out.

Then D’Arcy had a thought: take out a pantry, move it all to the right so that the cabinets are flush with the beam, and then use the original out-of-the-box legs to keep the line across the fridge. I mourned losing a cabinet and precious storage space, but this also moved the fridge to the right 8 inches, and gave us more room walking into the room from the mudroom (more pics on that later).

But it was the right move. The line in the cabinets looks great!

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