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The reno blues fade

August 23, 2011

Prepping our first Sunday breakfast in the kitchen.

This past Sunday, we made pancakes. On our stove, in our kitchen.

It was a great morning.

Pancakes at home on a rainy Sunday morning may seem like one of life’s simple pleasures, but it has been months since we’ve had a morning like this.

Really, months. I think we moved out in mid-May (I could check on this blog but that would be too painful to read) and set up a temporary kitchen in our dining room.

We had a pantry cupboard (formerly a Canadian Tire shelf from the garage), a microwave (on one of the boys’ old toy shelves) and of course… the fridge.

Now, our dining room is a dining room again. We have a sink. We have a stove. We have a… FREAKIN dishwasher!

We’re not done, we still have a lot to do (our counters are made of chipboard, until the real ones arrive. But we have the big things.

And it’s a wonderful world.

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  1. Rich permalink
    August 31, 2011 8:33 pm

    Looking great guys!

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