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Blood. Sweat. Tears. The kitchen is done

November 25, 2011

We shed them all this spring/summer/fall during our kitchen reno.

It took us longer than we expected, and cost more than we had hoped.

But we now have the kitchen of our dreams in a home and neighbourhood we love.

With the TV and couch in place, we now spend more time in this part of the house than anywhere else. It is truly the heart of our home.

I wrote about our experiences with this kitchen for the Ottawa Citizen. As D’Arcy and I shot the video where we talked about our experiences I realized that we’ve done it: we’ve come out the other side.

But not alone – there were the tradesmen (all men other than structural engineer) of course. But we had support in other ways.

I’d like to thank the neighbours for their patience with the sawing, hammering, rubbish all over the driveway and gardens that didn’t get the attention needed as we worked indoors.

To friends with kids who happily let our eldest son spend a LOT of time there, in some cases feeding him when we were less than well-equipped to make lunch.

And to our family and friends who provided support and encouragement – in real life, and on Facebook. You were there when I found myself bent over a bathtub of full of dirty dishes, crying.

Of course I’d also like to thank my amazing husband, who with his weekend helper Basil, spent every weekend and most evenings toiling away to make this space perfect for our family.

We did it.

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